We're all about fun. This years 'Dare to be Digital' was all about involving the public. We loved this new side to the competition so much that from the start we wanted to involve the public, somehow...

We're not EA, or Realtime Worlds - we can't make fancy character customisation tools for you in 10 weeks, but we can supply you with a character sheet.

Our game (Colour-Coded) is based around painting, so it should come to you as no surprise that we want you to paint our characters (known as Explorers). We would love to see what you can do with them.

Why should you take part? Why not?! You can have your creation in our game, and there will be a prize or two to give away as well - as if being credited in game wasn't enough for you!

Click the image on the right, and save it to your desktop. Load up a paint application (MS Paint is perfectly acceptable), and send it back.

We'll display it on our website, and also be choosing some of the best ones to throw into Colour-Coded alongside our own.

Stay tuned as we will be allowing you to paint through our website too, or if you're old school- a print out on REAL paper. Ahoy!

Get those characters in, Pirate!

Try the Flash 'Paint Your Explorer' here